SF Bay Times – Published: June 13, 2013

By Kippy Marks

Music connects us to our inner selves. It unmasks our emotions, allowing us to reach a higher understanding of who we are and how we treat each other. For SF Pride Main Stage headliner Gypsy Love, music is fundamentally an instrument of love.

I’m delighted to feature Gypsy Love for this debut of “Gems of the Bay.” Many of you already enjoy reading your horoscopes at “Astrology by Gypsy Love” here in the Bay Times. Others are more familiar with Gypsy Love’s radiant repertoire as San Francisco’s own shimmy shaking disco queen. I’m here to share some inside scoop about this dynamic artist, stargazer, and passionate LGBT ally.

Born “Christina Marie Parini” at St. Mary’s hospital in San Francisco, Gypsy Love is an enchanting melody of Mexican, Native American, and Libyan descent. At 9 days old, she was adopted by a loving Italian family. After attending Catholic high school in the East Bay and graduating with a Business degree from California Polytechnic SLO, Christina launched a successful career in high-technology. While climbing the corporate ladder, Christina always felt she was living two lives. By day, she was a business executive. By night, she’d summon her inner Gypsy to freely express a message of love through music and dance.

In 2008, Gypsy left high-tech for good and started GYPSY LOVE PRODUCTIONS, whose mission is to inspire love and global unity with uplifting music and movement. Gypsy’s “love productions” are recognized for their vibrant visuals, soulful instrumentation, and positive message. A belly dancing singer/songwriter, she passionately uses art to raise funding and awareness for important causes like marriage equality, world peace, and AIDS research.

Gypsy Love also dedicates much of her time promoting the healing and unifying properties of music and dance. For several years, she’s worked with the Bay Area’s Special Needs Arts Program (SNAP), where she teaches dance to children who have conditions like Down’s syndrome and autism. Gypsy Love’s belly dance classes at Metronome SF draw women together to celebrate the power of the female spirit by moving, strengthening, and appreciating their bodies.

Gypsy Love is scheduled during the headlining hour on SF Pride’s Main Stage at City Hall Sunday June 30. Her fans – referred to as “lovers” – await the performance with eager anticipation. According to Gypsy, the Main Stage will shine with colorful world-fusion flavors, featuring some of the Bay’s most dazzling artists. Songs will include “Beautiful Thing,” Gypsy Love’s newest smash single with Hit Save Music.

“I wrote ‘Beautiful Thing’ to encourage listeners to embrace beautiful moments in our everyday lives (the taste of honey, light of dawn, sight of your lover with just about nothing on…). This way, people concentrate on the positives and breed more positivity,” she shares. “I believe we have the power to shift global consciousness by training our minds to focus on love, thus elevating the vibration within and around us. When in doubt, Make Love.” www.GypsyLoveProductions.com