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DATE: May 21, 2013 LABEL: Bellyfit International CATEGORY: Ethnic Fusion/Belly Dance/Fitness CONTACT: Rowan Sentesy

Bellyfit International has licensed Dance-Pop artist Gypsy Love’s original song “Wish” for its latest video, “Reach For It”. Bellyfit International is the world’s leading Holistic Fitness System for women, dedicated to serving the needs of women in body, mind, spirit, heart and lifestyle.

Released in October 2011 by San Francisco music label Hit Save Music, “Wish” is Gypsy Love’s uplifting dance club anthem whose heartfelt message is as captivating as its infectious, hip-shaking beat. Bellyfit has chosen an enchanting remix of Gypsy Love’s “Wish” created by the highly acclaimed arabian percussionist-producer Drumspyder. “Wish” is the perfect complement to Bellyfit International’s commitment to “Moving Women” worldwide.

Bellyfit classes invite women to embrace the present moment while simultaneously connecting them to their ancient roots and empowering them for the future. Bellyfit brings us back to this ancient wisdom of the body with a refreshing, modern approach. For more information about Bellyfit International, visit