Enjoy the live video!

Gypsy Love Productions stars as the opening act for the 2016 Nitey Awards at San Francisco’s legendary Regency Ballroom, beginning with a vibrant Lindy Swing dance and ending with a special rendition of Janet Jackson’s iconic classic, ‘Nasty’.

Lindy Swing choreography by Eldon Bryce. Hip Hop choreography and vocal performance by Gypsy Love. Dance performances by: Chad Conner, Crystal Giorgi, Dian Meechai, Eldon Bryce, Gypsy Love, Kat Kresch, Katrina Kroetch, and Nick Lau. Video by Adam Parmalee. Musical credits: ‘Que Sera’ by Wax Tailor, ‘What’s Next’ by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and ‘Nasty’ by Janet Jackson.

For more uplifting music and movement, visit GypsyLoveProductions.com. It’s Love!

Niteys 2016 Full Cast_Cropped