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Gypsy Love’s new single Kaleidoscope delivers a burst of refreshing flavors to Dance Pop lovers around the globe. The eagerly awaited follow-up to Beautiful Thing (Hit Save Music 2013), which captured hearts and garnered licenses worldwide, Gypsy Love’s Kaleidoscope raises the bar for dance anthems everywhere. San Francisco’s shimmy-shaking singer/songwriter fuses ancient tribal rhythms with modern-day electronica and inspiring lyrics in this high energy dance floor joyride.

Gypsy Love wows listeners with Beautiful Thing, her uplifting third release with Hit Save Music. With its infectious melody, soulful vocals, and stellar selection of remixes, Beautiful Thing packs a pleasing punch. Retail powerhouses H&M and Mood Media have already licensed this dance gem, which is continues to gain global acclaim.

Gypsy Love takes dancers on a magical musical carpet ride with Gypsy of Love, her third EP and second single with Hit Save Music label and producer Leo Frappier. The heart pumping follow-up to her dance anthem “Wish” (Hit Save Music October 2011), Gypsy of Love is a high energy disco ballad that blends Gypsy Love’s signature world-fusion rhythms with her soulful R&B roots.

Gypsy Love also joined forces with Hit Save Music for Wish, a modern global take on the quintessential “flower power” epitomized by Gypsy Love’s native home of San Francisco. Energized by Leo Frappier’s innovative house music production as LFB, and woven with live musical influences from around the world, Wish is an explosive dance anthem whose hip-shaking beat, international appeal, and heartfelt message perfectly represent this captivating artist.

In her EP entitled Gypsy released by Temple Music Group, Gypsy Love combines San Francisco’s classic house sensibilities with modern dance music genres. She teams up with radio’s DJ Trevor Simpson, along with the production talents of Temple Music Group’s Ben Tom & Jay Williams, to deliver the fun and funkier side of San Francisco house music.

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