Release: Gypsy Love “Wish” EP
Label: Independent / Hit Save Music
Date of Release: October 25, 2011
Category: Dance/Club/House/World

Bellydancing singer/songwriter and gay club fan favorite Gypsy Love releases an inspiring dance single that offers a fresh and spirited new spin on world fusion. The highly anticipated follow-up to her EP “Gypsy” (recently released by indie label Temple Music Group), “Wish” is a modern global take on the quintessential “flower-power” epitomized by Gypsy Love’s native home of San Francisco. Energized by dance music Producer Leo Frappier’s innovative house music production as LFB, and woven with musical influences from around the world, “Wish” is an uplifting dance club anthem whose heartfelt message is as captivating as its infectious, hip-shaking beat.

Gypsy Love’s distinctly exotic, soulful vocals and spellbinding songwriting provide the perfect complement to Leo Frappier’s highly acclaimed dance music production. Electric violinist Kippy Marks and Arabian percussionist/producer Drumspyder infuse the track with live Middle Eastern, Latin, and African flavors. Remix contributions include a catchy Vocal House mix and heart pumping Dirty Electro mix by XTC Recordings mastermind Jeff Morena, aka “The Funky Filipino.” A percussive Desert Deep House mix by Drumspyder enhances the song’s notable Middle Eastern elements and takes you on an enchanting aural journey. Leo Frappier’s LFB DUB mix, with its powerful drums and stirring synths, is perfect for the big room club atmosphere. The variety of DJ styles and the international appeal of “Wish” is certain to excite listeners world-wide.

The release of “Wish” is supported by professional radio, PR and DJ campaigns. The song will be available on: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, Verizon, eMusic and many more. Also propelling the release is a vividly compelling and whimsical new music video featuring Gypsy Love and co-produced by Chad Schirmer and Gypsy Love. The video is being distributed to US and worldwide dance clubs and national music video television channels.

Track Listing:
1. LFB Original Club Mix
2. Jeff Morena’s XTC Extended Mix
3. Drumspyder’s Desert Deep House Mix
4. Jeff Morena’s Dirty Electro Remix
5. LFB Big Room DUB mix
6. Jeff Morena’s XTC Radio Edit
7. LFB Original Radio Edit
RIYD: Lady Gaga, Shakira, Madonna, Kelly Rowland, Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera